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Memories of a loved one passed. Preserved forever.

Works of art, in the form of oil paintings, with the cremated remains of a loved one to create breathtaking remembrances that are as beautiful as they are discreet.


Ashes2Art offers a beautiful oil painting on canvas, Lennie says:


"Remembering someone that can never be replaced is common place for a lot of us. At any stage of a persons life, the unthinkable can happen. How would you like to be remembered is as common a question that can only be answered by the people left behind. That unique, all be it painful experience is something as unique as what I provide. I add a very small amount of ashes to the base colour that will hopefully bring a small amount to an empty space in a families life."


"It goes without saying, every care is taken with the utmost respect in what I do. 'I'd like to see them again', is something I'm told by those left with a home that is now a little less full. And so my unique way of preserving someone's memory is taken on and it's a truly warming experience and let's be honest, do you really need to be a Duchess or Duke, a King or Queen, a Prince or Princess to have your very own oil painting?"

"No one will ever be replaced; that empty chair, that friendly chat and those walks together will not happen again on this earth but I can give something that comes very close."


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Prices start from as little as £350.

Ashes2Art Process

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